The Future of Earth Observation – Emerging Trends and Opportunities

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Hi Aleks
Love the new forum. I noticed there is a “staging” in the article. But I was able to find the article anyhow :grinning:

Here are my thoughts on the topic:

NanoSatellites - Tiny, affordable, satellites that you can fit in your hand are now a reality. Any country in the world that couldn’t afford the complexity of design and mission planning… now can. Planet is one of the big companies leveraging this technology and we are only going to see more of it in the future.

SAR - Short for synthetic aperture radar… Bat-like capabilities from space with capabilities to see through clouds, no matter night or day.

LiDAR from space? - This is one that I am waiting for… With the emergence of “Geiger-mode” LiDAR, this would be an opportunity for any company that could do it…

I know some of these technologies were unthinkable 10-20 years ago, but are now a reality… So who knows what’s coming next in the world of earth observation?